About TB Riggs

TB Riggs, a winner in the Texas Authors Short Story competition with her tongue in cheek story called 'Texas Voodoo" in the fiction/supernatural category/ has  joined  Amazon  in the world of Fiction Writing as a self-published author. A new trend evolving .


She loves to write books that are easy to read and comprehend at any age - and or reading level. 

"A Light In The Attic," her first novel, is based on a true story told to her by an eighty-three year old woman, thirty-six years ago.


A volunteer at her Community Center, she is active in helping the homeless. She enjoys writing Historical Fiction, Clean Historical Romance, Historical Mystery and Supernatural.  Watch for her newest book coming out later this year called, "A Girl Thought Dead -Vanished Without A Trace."  And  " The Doll  Witch Murders"  ( A supernatural thriller) 

P.S. If you are  a Kindle Unlimited  reader, paying $9.95 per month, and who is NOT a Facebook friend, or relative of T.B. Riggs, and who enjoyed one of her novels, downloaded for FREE or purchased, please  be so kind and post a small feedback or review on Amazon.  Feedback is so important to an author so that other readers and the author both benefit from your feedback. A five star is always welcome. She thanks all of you leaving her feedback in advance. 

P.P.S. If you are family, and or friends with TB Riggs on Facebook, your "Book Review" will most likely be rejected by Amazon - the reason for this is - it's against Amazon's policy to know the Author personally.


However, T.B. Riggs, does thank all of you personally for reading, or having read her stories. 


A Light In The Attic.

Twenty-seven-year-old Abigail Gifford a writer, raised in a London orphanage, travels to Big Bend Texas to meet her biological aunt, Miss. Hannah Comstock, her only living relative for the first-time, to learn more about her mother’s family.

Upon her arrival she finds out that Auntie Hannah, a Texas native, and old battle-ax, who had invited Abigail to stay at her house for the summer, had, in fact, left for Mexico, leaving Abigail on her own, with only Maggie her aunt’s housekeeper to look after her. Intrigued by Miss. Hannah's friends, Miss. Charlotte, and Lily May’s strange attic light, Abigail starts to investigate. Driven by her curiosity, new friends, and a new man in her life, she encounters a conclusion she will never forget her entire life. 

Under The Pecan Tree.


Heidi Beckman, a twenty-one-year-old governess, and Heinrich Fisher, a thirty-year-old tutor and teacher, both stranded on the shores of life without any family, unexpectedly run into each other on the job. Although their circumstances differ, they come together in a most unusual way, destined to find both love and heartbreak.

When Mrs. Peck, a wealthy, widowed Texan grandmother is saddled with her three grandsons for the summer, she is anything but grateful—and completely unwilling to care for them herself. Luckily, Heidi, a young governess, and Heinrich, a talented teacher are available. She quickly hires them, turning them loose in her Galveston home, clearing her hands of any responsibility.

However, being thrown together in such closeness day after day, Heidi and Heinrich soon discover a more-than-professional interest in one another. And although Heidi is reserved and Heinrich is cautious, their attraction only grows stronger by the day, until they can hold it back no longer. Both know they may never find a love like this again, however, if their affair becomes public, they’ll both lose their jobs and be out on the street.

Unbeknownst to them, Mrs. Peck sees everything that happens in her sprawling Texan estate. With a heart both vicious and full of envy, she sets about to destroy everything the two young lovers have, determined to tear them apart forever.

If she succeeds, it could be decades before Heidi and Heinrich find their happily ever-after.


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