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Declared a winner in the SCI-FY 2015 Texas Authors Short Story Competition with her tongue in cheek story called 'Texas Voodoo', TB Riggs loves to write Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Historical Romance, Historical Suspense and Supernatural.


Books by TB Riggs for Children

Old European Fairy Tales .

Forgotten Fairy Tales .

Bedtime Stories.

More Books By TB Riggs

 A Light In The Attic                                            Ten Unforgettable Stories

 Las Palma                                                         Don't Die My Love Don't Die

 The Hacienda                                                     Rosemarie

 Once Upon A Murder                                           The Doll Witch Murders

 A Sixties Love Story                                            A Haunted Mansion

 An Old Man's Folly                                              Vanished -A Girl Thought Dead                       Kendall Manor                                                    Under The Pecan Tree

TB Riggs, is a self-published author who enjoys writing stories from the past.  If you like Historical Novels, why not give one of her books a read? 

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