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Declared a winner in the SCI-FY 2015 Texas Authors Short Story Competition with her tongue in cheek story called 'Texas Voodoo', TB Riggs loves to write Historical Fiction - Historical Mystery, Historical Clean Romance, Historical Suspense and or Supernatural.


Books by TB Riggs

Old European Fairy Tales -

Forgotten Fairy Tales -

Bedtime Stories-

More Books By TB Riggs

A Light In The Attic                                            Ten Unforgettable Stories

Las Palma                                                         Don't Die My Love Don't Die

The Hacienda                                                     Rosemarie

Once Upon A Murder                                           The Doll Witch Murders

A Sixties Love Story                                            A Haunted Mansion

An Old Man's Folly                                              Vanished -A Girl Thought Dead                      Kendall Manor                                                    Under The Pecan Tree





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