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Declared a winner in the SCI-FY 2015 Texas Authors Short Story Competition with her tongue in cheek story called 'Texas Voodoo',  TB Riggs loves to write Historical Fiction. 

Historical Mystery, Historical Romance, Historical Suspense, and or Supernatural.

 A retired business woman, 73 years young, world traveled, educated in both Australia and Germany, TB loves to write novels reminiscent of the Victorian era , a different and more elegant time, circa, 1700s-1800s... that women over the age of fifty might enjoy reading.

When asked why she bothers with Historical's? She Replied, "Writing stories from the past, for her, is an escape into another world."

She believes that a person is never too old to be, what they could have been.  She  also believes in Fate, Karma, God, Reincarnation and the Mysterious.  In her opinion they are all connected.

Her latest books are , "Lady Anne," and "The Dover Castle Secret" 

                                                              * * * 

"A Light In The Attic," her first novel, is based on a true story told to her by an eighty-three year old woman, thirty-six years ago, that actually happened during the 1800's.

A volunteer at her Community Center,  TB is active in helping the homeless. She enjoys creating  Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Mystery and Supernatural. 


 More books by TB Riggs.  "Vanished Without A Trace."  And  " The Doll  Witch Murders"  ( A supernatural thriller) 

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